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Sliced design philosophy

When Sliced are approached with the potential of getting involved with a company's design project, we hope to be able to immerse ourselves in their business. Looking at their core values and operating procedures, and exploring their customer base and existing material that is to hand. We revel in having a budget to work with that allows this, as we feel that in order for a design to really work, it has to be approached in the right way.

Whatever the budget available, Sliced aim to recommend the best course of action using our knowledge of design and technical fields. We will always recommend partner services where possible such as printing services, and aim to complete designs that are functional, satisfy the requirements and achieve the targets set out at the project start.

We are often asked how we can achieve results at such varied budgets, and the honest answer is that we work as hard as we can, trying to improve our design services and keep happy clients. The results we can achieve with a budget of £1000 will never be able to compete with a budget 3 or 4 times that amount, however we will still do our best to get the best results possible for our clients. Perhaps that is why we enjoy relationships with our customers that have lasted for several years. We like it that way.

Honesty, reliability and determination will help us, and you to succeed.
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