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Advice on SEO

From Sussex search engine marketing firm

The best advice on SEO Sliced can give is to thoroughly research your market. Much of this SEO advice to improve search engine marketing is applicable to best general business practice, and thorough search engine optimisation requires good research.

With SEO Do:

  • Establish your product placement within the market.
  • Establish who your customers are.
  • Gain knowledge on customer demographics, location, gender, age etc.
  • Select keywords to research according to your customer demographics
  • Research your competitors, and how they achieve good SEO placement
  • Check for keyword density and repetition
  • Obtain quality inbound links to improve your SEO
  • Choose your domain name carefully
  • Check your website is well constructed


  • Employ spamming techniques
  • Place hidden links on your page
  • Use redirects and other misleading techniques
  • Buy hundreds of domain names pointlessly
  • Set up mirror sites
  • Create duplicate content
  • Repeat words endlessly
  • Use cloaking, masking and similar techniques
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Sliced Ltd. are based in Shoreham near Brighton on the south coast of Sussex, UK.
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