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Search engine optimisation

Sussex based search engine optimisation... Helping to optimise web sites everywhere!

Sliced have defined several key areas in improving organic search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. We are happy to help our customers at any stage of SEO from research to copywriting. Listed below are some of the areas where we can employ our skills to help you achieve higher search engine optimisation.
1. Research
  • keywords (density, popularity etc)
  • content
  • site entry points
  • site mapping
  • realworld searches
  • website users
  • directories
  • time frames / budgets
  • competitor links
2. Website build quality
  • check link integrity
  • accessibility
  • coding quality
  • CSS use
  • scripting
  • return links
  • page titles
  • 404 pages
  • correct header usage
  • meta tags + alt tags
3. Website Content
  • relevance
  • keywords (density, popularity etc)
  • named links
  • new content cycle
  • copywriting
  • sitemap
  • specific features such as news, members, forums etc.

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