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Content Management System (CMS)

CMS - Introduction

Used by over 40 businesses, ranging from B&Q to Kelly Hoppen Shutters!

This page outlines Sliced in-house content management system and its features. There's a PDF of our outline CMS to download below, but this needs updating so please contact us for the most up to date information regarding our content managment system.

At it's core Sliced have produced a content management solution which is capable of £ millions transactions, page one, number one search results and proven successes with real world content management users. If your company is an SME which needs instant web site updates through easy to use browser based content management systems, then you are in the right place.

Search engine friendly content management

With Sliced content management you can really focus your site on search engines:

  • set web page title tags
  • set page descriptions
  • set link titles
  • add titles to image links
  • set image alt data
  • data input titles
  • set page content headers
  • run analytics software
  • read more about our seo cms

A content management system which delivers on all web marketing fronts. Contact us for real world CMS case studies and client success stories and to see how our CMS can help your business succeed online.

Bespoke, tailored content management solution for your company. No off the shelf templates or cost cutting open source here. If you need SEO results and CMS contact Sliced.

Web Content Management System

Is it the right CMS for your company? Starting from just £3000 it may well be.

Sliced web content management

There are many reasons for using a web based content management system (CMS).

A content management system allows the end user (you and your staff, or us) to update content on your web site without technical skills or expensive know how. Up to date content, live changes and a dynamic web proposition are all key to web success. Using a content management system allows changes to web content on a frequent, cost effective manner. Using Sliced content management website ensures that you can keep your web content up to date and keep your customers informed with your news as it happens.
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Content management system outline

Once logged in to the administration area on your site, you have a varying degree of control over your site content. We have solutions for data input, complete page control, HTML provision and you'll be able to edit content such as images, text, links, files and multimedia. This may include adding new pages, administering site members, sending e-mail newsletters and changing web site colours.

The overall style of your CMS site is pre-defined by Sliced specifically for you, with a custom web site design. This means that if you add new pages or content, it will have the right 'look and feel' by default. We call this the 'template' design, and may create a style guide for you, however we make only custom website designs.

We do this by involving ourselves in your company's needs and tailor making a web design solution rather than creating generic templates which you choose from. This makes updates to your web site simple in terms of style, allowing your company to concentrate on the content rather than getting bogged down by design. You will also be able to have greater input into the design if you choose, with advanced editing features and the ability to add HTML into the CMS.
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Contact Sliced

Call us on 0845 838 7574 to speak about how Sliced SEO friendly content management system can help your business succeed online.

Web Content Management System

'so simple to use it's like magic' - Property Rentals - Sussex CMS Client

The ability to add pages and content to your own website with pre-defined professional styling does seem like magic. It makes it possible for people who cannot write code and HTML to be able to create their own website pages whenever they choose.

However, our system cannot create graphics for you, it cannot write your content for you and it does require time to add content to a website - we call that data entry or 'website population'. On the whole, Sliced Ltd. offer ongoing services to our web content management customers, helping with graphic design and website population. Using CMS does make this process far quicker for us than hand building pages.
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