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Benefits of a content management system

Why update your website regularly?

In order to really gain the maximum benefit from having a web site these days, a site must be regularly updated. For example, if you produce a company brochure, would you send out the same brochure, week in week out, with the same content and images to your customers? You may currently do this, but eventually the reader will wonder why nothing new has been introduced. Something new may include new business, new clients, new products, new pricing structures etc.

The internet lends itself as a very strong marketing tool for making minor content adjustments without costing anywhere near the same as making adjustments in print. This is the main benefit of having a CMS system; making content updates to your website are cost effective and easy to achieve.

So to summarise, by using a web content management system your site will become an increasingly effective and efficient sales and marketing tool. You can even add European multilingual content to expand your market potential and coverage, as well as saving what could be potentially large sums of money on updates.

SEO content management system

Be found on web search engines with Sliced CMS

These days many people wish to be found more easily through the major search engines. That's how you found Sliced right?

Our in-house content management system is tailored for SEO friendly web site content. Admin can set all meta data making your site friendly to search engines and visitors alike.

There are countless, many millions of websites around today about all manner of subjects, and one of the defining reasons why one website will do better than another is because the content appearing on it is regularly updated. Having a traditional website means creating your new content, then sending this over to your web site designer and requesting this be updated on your site by manual coding. Naturally there will be a fee for this, and the update will be scheduled into the designers' workflow.

With a web content management system, this process can be dramatically quicker, as content can be updated in house when required, and much more easily by a third party if not done in house. Not only are maintenance costs lowered with CMS, but your content will be fresh in both your customer's eyes, as well as demonstrating to the search engines that your site is topical and updated. Advanced meta data, alt and title tags can be simply edited through Sliced content management system, so you can really keep control of search engine elements.

Instantly updated content

search engine spidering

When new pages are added using your CMS you will find that the more updates you make to your site the more search engines will return and spider your site. Some of Sliced own CMS clients have their sites spidered daily, ensuring news and releases are fed to potential visitors in a rapid timeframe. Call us on 0845 838 7574 or e-mail us now to find out how your site can be enriched with our SEO friendly content management system. (Note even though we work from near Brighton in Sussex we have clients throughout the UK).

Share your knowledge online with CMS

It may seem obvious, but most business users using the internet want to learn something, or to purchase something.

Your skill and knowledge about your own particular product or service is inevitably going to be much better than anyone else's knowledge on this product or service. So why not share your knowledge? Not only will your site be updated regularly with CMS, giving both existing and potential customers a reason to return to your site, but you will also find that your estimations will improve over that of your competitors. You could offer a sample of your services, or another hook to bring customers in. Using a web content management system really does work for you!

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