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Sliced web content management features: Advanced Features and E-commerce

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With Sliced web content management system your company has enhanced control over your website content. Below is a list of advanced CMS features that can be included in our content management system. Also listed are specific business and e-commerce web content management system features.

Member registration to your website

This multi function module allows your website visitors to sign up through a pre-defined web form, giving them access to any pages you decide. Choose to have people sign up to view your prices lists, special offers, or simply to gain marketing data. With automated ' I agree' styled check boxes, this CMS feature really empowers the website owner with a 'sticky' website and invaluable user data.

Automated forgotten password reminders

There is no need to send out reams of e-mails with password reminders to your site members, as with the simple click of the 'forgotten password' button, your forgetful members will receive an e-mail to their e-mail address.

E-mail newsletters directly to members

Contact members directly from the CMS system (up to 2000 members) - with newsletter 'opt out' scheme. Available to all registered members who have signed up with your website, you can e-mail them with latest news, offers, site updates and any kind of marketing that is appropriate, straight from your administration area. With the facility to e-mail around 2000 members, you really can stay on top of cost and time effective regular contact with your customers when using Sliced web content management system.

If your website members choose to opt out of receiving your news there is a simple check box on their membership details page, which they can switch on or off at their convenience. Safe and compliant with e-mail opt in schemes. This really is a cost effective web CRM feature.

Customisable survey pages

Have you ever filled out a survey online or taken part in a competition? This CMS module enables you to ask your own specific questions for tailor-made online market research, with the ability to select if users are required to register, or be anonymous before completing your survey. Make full use of this feature with competitions to win products, provide feedback on your services or let you know how they found your website. Full export of txt data as well basic as online comparisons of results is included.

Editable extended feature areas

If you need pre-defined areas outside of your regular content areas, for news, latest additions, login boxes, or pretty much anything you need, speak to Sliced about how we can create extra areas which are easily maintained through our web content management system.

Link Alias feature.

This allows pre-defined phrases to be automatically made into links around your website wherever the system finds them.

If you need the ultimate in link optimisation, this is the CMS feature for you! Pre-define any given words that appear on your website to be automatically converted into links to anywhere you choose. For example, if you decide that all instances of "our special offers" should link to your special offer page, simple create a new link alias, and define the parameters, and watch as all instances of your text "our special offers" are automatically set to be a link to your special offers page. A must for website optimisation and a great time saving device.

Add 'relative' pages.

Not all website pages demand a link in your menu. You may want to add pages that can only be reached from links within your text and do not appear in your main navigation. For exaple 'latest news' features, 'read more detail' pages etc. could be relative pages. With this content management feature you needn't clog your navigation with secondary pages anymore. Create a link to extended essays, articles and more information wherever you need.

Optimised footer menus.

For search engine optimisation. Our extra features now include a footer menu repeating your key page links, which improves navigation and visitor experience as well as optimising your website even further.

Add multimedia files

Such as movies and 360º animations. You can upload your own multimedia files to allow your website visitors to watch movies, spin around virtual 360º tours and just about anything your imagination can come up with! Upload through FTP or browser based facility, and simply choose to add media to your website pages.

Multi level user and administrators

Facility enabling access to different groups to different pages, front and backend.

If you have a larger organisation, or an infrastructure which requires multi level administration, this is suitable for you. Select certain departments or particular members of staff to edit predefined pages on your website. They will be able to view other pages but only edit the ones selected for their administration group. Based on Unix 'super user' hierarchies, this powerful content management feature provides multi tiered access to pages on your website. On the front end, different levels of site members can have access to different pages. You could for example set up 'gold, silver and bronze' member groups. Each group can view website pages which fall into their user group, tailoring your website content specifically to your target audience.

Customisable shopping cart for e-commerce

Linked to fully secure payment providers such as PROTX and PAYPAL.

Fully content managed e-commerce for your own in-house secure* internet e-commerce system. Add, edit and delete products on your site. Set prices, product descriptions, delivery costs and add relevant images and files. Sliced web content management system is now fully e-commerce ready for you to control. Select your payment provider of choice where applicable, adjust VAT and delivery on goods, and allow pages to display products in date added, price, and various other formats for a truly visitor friendly experience.
*requires connection to third party payment provider such as PROTX and PAYPAL.

Subscription system

For automated subscriber shopping e-commerce system.

This CMS feature is aimed at any 'repeat content' providers such as publishers, magazines and agencies who have subscription-based sales. Whether these are print or online subscriptions, your users will have access allocated according to their existing subscription. Create various groups which visitors can subscribe to, and enable automated updates to their service when coupled with our e-commerce CMS system.

Search facility of your products and services

Allow your customers to search your products by category and keywords within your e-commerce system.

special offers feature

Simple to implement special offers feature for latest product offers and bargains. With this content management system feature you can add pages which automatically display your pre-defined special offers, 'this month's picks', 'managers bargains', or whatever specials you decide on. Another great time saving content management system feature that is part of Sliced CMS advanced feature set.

Jobs and recruitment module

Ideal for adding vacancies - specifically for recruitment industry websites. Sliced have created several industry specific modules and this is one of the most popular. If your company requires a module which is industry specific, please call to see how we can develop a tailor-made website solution for you.

Generate user log files

For all web marketing analysts this feature allows monitoring of site user logins and activity on your website. A .txt file is exported for use in many analysis software packages for user tracking and data analysis.

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