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Assess your requirements for a content management system

Almost any company can now buy into a CMS system as the costs are often as low as a traditional website, however there are definitely key factors which you should identify before committing to purchasing a content management solution. To really get the most from your website you should consider:
  1. A well structured plan should be put into place outlining which areas of your website will be updated regularly.
  2. An estimated monthly time allocation should be calculated based on 1 above. This will define whether you have the resources to make these web site updates or if these should be outsourced. Sliced offer a monthly update scheme starting from 1 hour's work per month, which can maximise your website potential whilst keeping costs low.
  3. A person, and / or group should be allocated to update elements of your web site regularly. One person could be responsible for all updates, although multi level admin is available with Sliced CMS, which means that your staff could apply their specific knowledge to various sections of your site.
  4. Do you have the resources to train and keep staff up to date with content management functionality and features?
  5. Web site images are often the main stumbling point for a company. Is your company able to source and manipulate good quality images? This needs to be considered for both a traditional and web content management website.
The simple answer is that most companies are suitable for CMS systems. Many companies choose a content management product, then elect to have a third party update the content on their site. This does prove to be a cost effective solution as using CMS is far quicker than creating HTML pages by hand. It is your core website marketing strategy that is key.

Using a CMS system allows for easy, cost effective and regular updates, as well as customer relation management and other benefits. Please contact Sliced for more details

How many updates should we make with a CMS system to gain maximum Value For Money?

There is no fixed answer to this.

Not every company has the time or resources to update web content every day. Nor would many companies have something new to say every day. However we do recommend, as a rough guideline, that a minimum of 4-8 hours of updates are made each month with any content management system - why else have CMS? This equates to a cost of around £120-£320 of website design updates at industry standard fees.

Dependent on the annual or monthly license fee, the cost savings alone speak for themselves. We have already mentioned some potential updates that can be made, such as specifically updating your new products and service offerings, however there are some useful and effective alternatives to trying to think up something new each month. These may include linking to industry related news feeds, adding articles which outline new industry legislation and so forth. You could link to exhibitions or events related to your business. Sliced have very strong experience in web site marketing, so please ask us to come up with a plan specifically for your company today, which will help you to get the most from your web site.

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