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Sliced content management system

Sliced launched version 3 of our web content management system in February 2006, with version 4 close on its' heels - due for roll-out autumn 2006. We initially began developing our content management system in 2002 as a direct result of the needs of one of our clients' who wanted to be able to have a flexible and up-dateable web site which didn't cost the earth to maintain or adjust.

Dr. Mark Dibley, our lead programmer at the time, was the original founder of this web content management system. Unfortunately the client (a film studio based in Sussex) went bankrupt before we could complete the site development. However every cloud has a silver lining and now our content management system has come on in leaps and bounds, growing into a fully fledged, tried and tested CMS web application being used by over 25 companies nationwide.

Sliced update our core CMS software approximately every year, introducing enhancements, taking on board customer feedback and adding new content management features every time. There are incremental updates throughout each year and our clients enjoy 2 years of free updates to their core content management system as a matter of course. Sliced are committed to developing our web content management system into the future, as we really do see it as the way forward for most website needs. Flexible, up-dateable and cost effective control of websites.

We are moving to XML coding of templates and increased use of CSS in 2006 - using cascading style sheets where possible. This will ensure that code is compliant and will be useable well into the future, as XML is the new standard web language.
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