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Sliced web content management features

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Essential web content management system features.

With Sliced CMS your company has enhanced control over your website content. Below is a list of essential features that are included in our basic system:

Add pages, edit existing pages and delete pages

All of Sliced CMS customers enjoy the ability to add new pages and content to their websites with our web content management system. Depending on the page limits set at the time of purchase, you can add pages to your website yourself, all with a professional pre-defined design by Sliced. Simply cut and paste plain text or type new content onto the page as you wish for instantly updated web pages.

Integrated javascript text editor

Sliced have integrated a javascript text editor to edit the styling for body text within our web content management system. You can add styling such as bold, underline, colours, alignment and lists through this editor. It also enables multiple undoes! (certain browsers only)

Add, edit and delete text and images

Our CMS system comes complete with buttons for editing text justification, adding BOLD tags, ITALICS and other stylised font control making your site look professional right from the outset. You can add images to your image library for use on your website, choosing whether these 'pop up' to be larger images. Set margins around images and add animated gifs and transparent PNG images wherever needed. Sliced CMS is versatile and simple to implement.

Store files and images in CMS 'libraries'

Adding new file content to your website is as easy as attaching files to an e-mail. Our new FTP feature (file transfer protocol) allows you to add multiple files to your libraries all at once with most free FTP applications, or by browser based images upload, one at a time. Add files such as Microsoft® Word Documents, Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, Adobe® PDF's and many more. Minimise document e-mail correspondence and the expense of printed media by sending your customers to your website to download the exact files they need.

Add, edit and delete links

Adding links has never been so easy! Simply click 'add media', choose 'links' then cut and paste, or type links to other websites, links to e-mail addresses and link to internal pages simply by choosing from a drop down menu of available pages. Links are key to success with search engine optimisation, and with Sliced web content management system, you can add them all around your website. Images from your image library can even be used as links in our powerful CMS system.

Automated site map of your web pages

This feature is essential for any website that changes over time. A site map enables your visitors to quickly gain access to the page they need, it also complies with 2004 disability laws and helps search engines to index your pages. The best part is that you don't have to do a thing, as our site map is automated for you!

Customisable online form

Set up your own form online, asking your respondent to complete any questions you need, selecting between different types of answer options, such as drop down menu, tick boxes, open text etc. Questions can be pre-selected to be required or not and different sections of the form can be added. For example, section 1 could ask for personal details, name address and e-mail, and section 2 of the online form can ask for selections of products that the respondent users.

Add, edit and delete colours on your website

Sliced will predefine your core colour palette based on our web site design, however you have complete control over your content to change header colours, adjust background styles and colours as well as changing font sizes etc. Express yourself with any web colour through our simple to use graphical colour picker, or type in the exact HEX colour value.

Professional custom designs

Sliced pride ourselves on being able to interpret a website design brief and design the best solution for our customers based on their end user profile and business sector. Regardless of budget we aim to design a professional maintainable web site design specifically for you. Our web content management system caters for flexible designs created by professionals for professionals. The greater your budget, the stronger and more durable your design will be naturally, but we will endeavour to meet and exceed client expectations every time.

Automated logs of page changes and edits

Stay on top of your update schedule with administrator logs of all page change dates. Essential for keeping content current and optimising your search engine efforts.

Meta data management

Search engines are of ever growing importance in website exposure. With Sliced web content management system you can keep meta tags, descriptions and image alt tags up to date and optimised. This not only helps with search engine placement, but also helps to comply with accessibility laws. We have even added a 'get text' button for one click addition of meta data!

Backup facility through administration area

Choose when to backup your website content with the click of a button. Choose between backing up your database and / or all site content including images and files. Files will be created which can then be downloaded to your computer and used by Sliced in the event of data corruption to restore your website to the latest backup. All backups are date stamped for reference.

Advanced editing capabilities with HTML

If you need even greater control of website content and are able to edit your own HTML, you can add tags, tables, virtually any kind of HTML and web based languages that will take your website to a new level. Essential for web gurus that don't have the time to edit entire websites.

Extendable site through addition of new pages

Whatever the initial limits of your website design, Sliced web content management system can handle up to 1000 website pages. This should cater for most browser based websites!

Online help pages on hand from admin area

(Still under development, but being phased in). Help buttons are being added to all of our administrator pages. This means that wherever you are, if you are editing your website, you can get a little help where and when you need it simply by clicking the help button. You will be able to read and print off help files associated with the exact page you are on at the time, minimising time wasting and maximising efficiency with a help system that is practical and as jargon free as possible!

Add content in 'simple' or 'advanced' ways

Our new 'template' and 'data' pages allow you to add text, links and images from one single page. With no column choices, advanced editing or juggling images it's quick, simple and easy to use. Of course you also have the choice of adding your own more complicated pages with our standard CMS page for far greater CMS control.

Disability compliance - safe and legal

Laws are being tightened which state that all visitors to a website have should have equal rights of access. This means that information must be presented in a way which specialist screen readers and disabled equipment can read for the viewer easily. Sliced have developed our web content management system to allow for the exclusion of all site styling, presenting a disabled viewer with easy to access information at the click of a button.

Content approval - draft mode

Create content and pages, and rather than leaving them live for your website visitors to see, set them to 'draft' mode allowing you to have them proof read and checked before switching the page live. Useful for content approval and building complicated page layouts.

Add Multilingual website content (Western ISO)

Sliced web content management system allows you to add pages and content in most European languages, adding language specific characters such as accents and umlauts etc. Appeal to an EU market with multiple languages! Please note that our CMS does not currently support non western character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese etc.

Graphical website statistics

(When hosted on our server). Website visitor statistics are essential for tracking and monitoring your website usage. Track how campaigns are doing with next day feedback, including country of original, time and duration of visit, browser use, search engine visits and much more.

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