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Disability Laws will affect your business

As you may have read or heard in the press, United Kingdom laws have changed regarding disability access to business services both online and offline.

The Disability Discrimination Act requires that websites offer equal access to web site visitors who have disabilities, including reading, sight and mental disabilities. Sliced are now pleased to be able to offer our disability compliant web design service so that your web site complies with accessibility laws.

How does accessibilty access affect your web site?

Web sites need to provide information in such a way as to allow equal access to anyone.
The following guidelines are taken from the The World Wide Web Consortium:

Principle 1: Content must be perceivable.
Guideline 1.1 Provide text alternatives for all non-text content.
Guideline 1.2 Provide synchronized alternatives for multimedia.
Guideline 1.3 Ensure that information, functionality, and structure can be separated from presentation.
Guideline 1.4 Make it easy to distinguish foreground information from background images or sounds.

Principle 2: Interface elements in the content must be operable.

Guideline 2.1 Make all functionality operable via a keyboard interface.
Guideline 2.2 Allow users to control time limits on their reading or interaction.
Guideline 2.3 Allow users to avoid content that could cause seizures due to photosensitivity.
Guideline 2.4 Provide mechanisms to help users find content, orient themselves within it, and navigate through it.
Guideline 2.5 Help users avoid mistakes and make it easy to correct them.

Principle 3: Content and controls must be understandable.

Guideline 3.1 Make text content readable and understandable.
Guideline 3.2 Make the placement and functionality of content predictable.

Principle 4: Content must be robust enough to work with current and future technologies.

Guideline 4.1 Use technologies according to specification.
Guideline 4.2 Ensure that user interfaces are accessible or provide an accessible alternative(s)

What can you do to make your web site comply with the law?

Sliced have been working hard to adjust our core web content management system to facilitate these laws. We have developed an efficient and cost effective solution for our CMS customers, which is to remove all web site styling with the click of a button, in accordance with accessibility guidelines. You can see this demonstrated with the link at the top of this page: "remove styles".

All content on your website needs to be checked for correct tags, and any templates will need to be adjusted. Any form elements and multimedia elements need to be considered too. Future content needs to be given the correct treatment - for example if you add a new image, alternative text must accompany that image. Sliced have facilitated this within our CMS to help our customers stay compliant with the law in the future.

The next step

Please contact Sliced for more details to see if we can help to make your website legally compliant. There are links below for further related reading:
Disability Rights Commission - The ideal place to start for an equal society
European Union Places Full Internet Access High on its Agenda - Article from the Eurpoean Union
www.accessiblenet.org - Accessible.net has many useful links to all things web accessible
Accessibility report findings - Formal Investigation report: web accessibility

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