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Mobile Website Design

Web design which is mobile phone friendly

Sliced have seen a rapid growth in the number of users accessing our client websites through their mobile phones. We run analytics for all of our SEO clients and are seeing a strong indication that mobile phones are being used to access more webpages than ever before. Have you looked at your stats recently? We are seeing up to 20% of site users are now browsing websites using their mobiles, with over 50% of users opening marketing e-mails on mobile phones.

Does your company have a mobile friendly website?

Iphone showing Sliced mobile web design example

Many websites are large and complex with multimedia and content which is not suited to mobile devices. Sliced have experience in analysing key site pages and designing sites exclusively for mobiles based on these high traffic pages. Overhauling an entire website to be mobile friendly is not generally an option due to expense and time constraints, however developing micro websites for mobiles which allow users to access key pages quickly and easily have been shown to increase retention and create higher conversion rates for mobile users.

With web design for mobile users, quick loading pages and feature rich content similar to the Apps users have come to expect is key. Gallery pages which work in a simple 'swipe' way, easy large clickable buttons and nave which is familiar to phone users is key for success.

Sliced have experience in mobile project creation from analysis of data right through to design and deployment of IOS sniffing scripts ensuring happy mobile visitors to your website. Why not call today for a free consultation on how you can add a website for mobile phone users to your online marketing strategy. - 0845 838 7574 and ask for Nick.

From contained 3-5 page mobile micro sites to fully blown conversions of e-commerce websites onto mobile platforms Sliced can help your company capture the growing mobile market through micro browsing. Don't miss out on the fastest growing user group on the net today.

Need QR Codes and QR web pages?

Sliced are able to provide industry standard QR codes for advertising, banners and online as well as quick response web sites and web pages for QR promotions. Call now to get on the cusp of QR codes and mobile pages!