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Project Management

Sliced web site project methodology

In order to gain the best result possible for your web site design project, Sliced Ltd. have created a project management workflow which enables us to project manage each stage of your web site design project. Deadlines and budgets will be met with proper planning, making for satisfactory conclusions for both you and us!

In an ideal world we would implement full web project management on every web site design we create, however this is not always possible due to budget or time constraints. While omitting certain stages or details within a project may not be mission critical, we recommend as great a budget as possible is made available for project management as expandability and long term savings will definitely be seen.

1. Project Requirements Assessment:

Before any web project can begin, Sliced will discuss with you to assess the requirements of your web site design specifications. We will consider what may be needed in project management such as:
  • User profiling - your web site visitors
  • Research goals (keywords, competitor research, design requirements etc).
  • Web site technical specifications and development
  • Resource allocation
  • Web site content suggestion and development
  • Image sourcing
  • Budgets available
  • Timeframe for project completion
  • Disability / coding compliance goals

2. Project Requirements Specification: Design Proposal

Based on the assessment of your web project requirements, Sliced will produce a design proposal outlining integral project management requirements and deliverables. Any amendments can be made until the final document is agreed upon. The design proposal will then be signed off, commitment fee (deposit) paid if applicable and the next project stage can begin.

3. Project Research

This stage is vital to ensure your web site design project achieves the best results possible.
Normally any research will cover areas such as:
  • Search engine optimisation research
  • Competitor research
  • Content research
  • Page structure (site mapping) and user flow through site
  • Colour palette assessment
  • Project aims and objectives

The project research findings will be used to create the design and navigability of your website, the sitemap will be signed off and any content may be (re)written based on the search engine research after this stage.
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