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Ecommerce Development

SEO friendly ecommerce development

The internet provides a wealth of opportunity for selling products online, also known as e-commerce. Sliced offer tailor made ecommerce development add-on to our SEO friendly content management system, enabling our customers to implement their own e-commerce web site with control over products, prices, and various modules such as special offers and latest product releases as well as other simple to use and effective e-commerce web site tools.

Should you invest in ecommerce development?

The internet is consistently proven to be an excellent platform for companies to sell their products and services online. The average cost of an online e-commerce solution is far lower than the cost of a high street shop front, which requires staff, and has local rates and bills to pay. Inevitably there are fixed costs with trading online such as secure e-commerce hosting and secure credit card payments etc. but these are still extremely low when compared to a traditional physical shop.

If your ecommerce web design is well promoted both on and offline, if it instills a sense of confidence with the visitor and can be easily found on search engines, your target audience can be far greater than a comparable shop on a high street at a fraction of the cost.
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Does anyone buy goods and services online?

The simple answer to this is yes, and e-commerce is growing at a huge rate.

"The value of goods sold over the internet rose by 50% this Christmas compared with last year, figures out today show, in a sign of the growing power of the internet in the retail sector".

This quote is taken from the article at the Guardian web site which demonstrates a huge increase in public spending online.

Customers expect businesses to have a web site these days, and if they can save time and possibly money by shopping online, they will be more than happy to use a secure e-commerce web site for their shopping purposes.

Sliced e-commerce solution

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