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Members of Sliced currently include existing customers (both website and print customers). Members also include other web masters and people who wish to receive our regular(ish) newsletters. We have not established our newsletter program for 2006 yet, however we aim to send out at least 4 this year, packed with free advice and tips which will help our members to expand their knowledge.

In 2005 we issued 3 e-mail newsletters covering:
  • Site optimisation and website marketing
  • Design tips and layouts
  • Affiliate marketing and promotion
We are also aiming to build a web photo stock library of royalty free images that will be completely free to use for our members. These images will be useable in any capacity online except for resale, and high resolution images will be optionally available for a small fee. We hope to implement this by the summer of 2006.

If you would like to join now, it's free and only takes a minute, please register now.
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