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Search Engine Marketing Campaign


Aphasia Now approached to Sliced to increase the number of visitors their web site received through organic search engine marketing and web site optimisation. Aphasia Now required high rankings on the major international search engines for their core key phrases, including generic terms such as "aphasia". Within 2 months web site traffic had increased by nearly 100% and after some content goals were set out, traffic increased through seo by nearly 240% within 11 months and is still rising.

Search Engine Marketing Campaign


To increase brand awareness within charity and public sectors
To increase potential sales leads through targeted visitors
To gain partners through global exposure

Search Engine Marketing


Aphasia Now SEO results in Google Search Engine reultsSliced implemented a range of solutions to help with long term SEO goals:

Web site content. Sliced researched and recommended real world searches, exploring analogies and alternative search phrases for Aphasia Now's content team to use.

Meta Data overhaul. SEO shows that accurate and relevant meta data must be used where possible, and Sliced audited Aphasia Now meta information.

Inbound linking. Sliced implemented an on-going link strategy which ensures consistent in-bound links to increase awareness and traffic to the AN web site.

SEO Results

SEO chart for results with search engine marketing in Aphasia Now site visitors
Sliced search engine marketing campaign has established Aphasia Now as a leading brand within the competitive charity field of Aphasia. Aphasia Now have established long term partners and are expanding within their field to pilot national conferences and are becoming resellers for leading industry software brands. Through SEO web traffic is still increasing, pushing towards 300% visitor increase within a year of SEO launch.

Future SEO Developments:
The technical build of the web site will be addressed in the future improving coding and layouts to conform with future standards and compliance. Accessibility (ironically) will also be examined.