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Computing News

IBM 1401 Mainframe, the Musical

When IBM chief maintenance engineer Jóhann Gunnarsson started tinkering
with the IBM 1401 Data Processing System, believed to have been the
first computer to arrive in his native Iceland in 1964, he noticed an
electromagnetic leak from the machine's memory caused a deep, cellolike hum to come from nearby AM radios.

Software companies are building their way to a very material future

At dozens of sites around the world today, construction crews are
erecting vast, windowless buildings, each designed to hold thousands of

Scientists battle to build biggest supercomputer

Scientists yesterday unveiled a new generation of supercomputers,including a £30m machine with the memory of 200,000 home computers and a hard disk hefty enough to hold the entire Google index of the internet.

Warning of data ticking time bomb

The growing problem of accessing old digital file
formats is a "ticking time bomb", the chief executive of the UK
National Archives has warned.

Internet News

Universal Music May Seek Shorter iTunes-Sales Pact

Highlighting continuing tension between the music industry and Apple Inc., Vivendi
SA's Universal Music Group is considering notifying the Cupertino,
Calif., company that it isn't renewing a long-term contract to sell
digital-music downloads through the increasingly powerful iTunes Store,
according to a person familiar with the situation.

MySpace launches YouTube rival

MySpace is to take on YouTube's status as the world's leading
video-sharing website by renaming and relaunching its own service as

Spam levels on the increase

Spam makes up just over 90 per cent of all email traffic, according to new figures.

ISPA award nominations open

The search for the UK internet industry's top performers has begun with the opening of registration for the 2008 ISPA Awards.

General News

iPhone creates stir on US launch

Apple sold up to 525,000 iPhones at its stores and AT&T's in the first weekend since the device launched on Friday, the Los Angeles Times has reported.

PS3 top in Australia, second in Japan

MD of Sony Australia Michael Ephraim has said the PlayStation 3 has
been outselling the Wii and Xbox 360 almost every week since launch.

Virgin sale: good news?

Any sale of Virgin Media could be good news for its customers.

Action needed on digital divide

The body that oversees IT education projects in the UK has called on
Gordon Brown's newly-formed cabinet to close the 'digital divide'.

Wii outselling PS3 'six to one'

Nintendo's Wii console outsold Sony's PlayStation 3 in Japan last month by six to one, says research.