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Computing News

Apple unveils upgraded MacBook Pro laptops

Apple announced Tuesday that it has updated its high-end MacBook Pro laptops with faster processors, better graphics and more memory space.

Toshiba to enlist laptops to push HD DVD

Japan's Toshiba aims to put disk drives for high-definition DVDs on all its laptops next year as it strives to gain an edge in the high-stakes next-generation DVD format battle, a Toshiba executive said Tuesday.

Apple MacBook Pros go faster and greener

Apple has rolled out the latest MacBook Pro featuring Intel's Core 2 Duo Santa Rosa chips, along with a larger memory capacity, new graphics cards and Led-backlit screens

Table-style computer with touch screen tipped as next big thing

In an era when computers get ever smaller and more portable, it seems almost a throwback; but software giant Microsoft hopes a £5,000 coffee table bristling with technology could be the next big step forward. Surface, a table-style PC with a touch-sensitive screen which replaces a traditional mouse and keyboard, was unveiled in California yesterday.

Dell announces 7,000 job cuts worldwide as competition bites

The world's second largest PC maker last night reported first-quarter profits above Wall Street expectations, and then announced a worldwide layoff equivalent to 10% of its global workforce.

Internet News

Censorship 'changes face of net'

Amnesty International has warned that the internet
"could change beyond all recognition" unless action is taken against
the erosion of online freedoms.

Ask re-writes web search rules

Ask has revamped its search engine to help distinguish itself from rivals such as Google and Microsoft.

BBC celebrates three Webby awards

The BBC News website has picked up two awards at the internet's most glamorous night of the year.

Google catches up on Microsoft with help of new Gears

Google fired another warning shot across the bows of Microsoft yesterday with the launch of software that allows people to use its services even when they are not connected to the internet.

Tiscali changes LLU pricing

Changes to Tiscali's pricing structure mean the ISP will discriminate against customers living outside its unbundled network, despite winning praise for not doing so days ago.

General News

Phone responds to the human touch

A handheld device that recognises the way a finger sweeps across the screen has been developed by Taiwanese phone maker HTC.

'DRM-free' iTunes songs raise concerns

SAN JOSE, California (AP) -- Apple Inc.'s recent rollout of songs without copy protection software at its iTunes Store has given consumers new flexibility, but questions have emerged over the company's inclusion of personal data in purchased music tracks.

Are the songs that are being billed as free of so-called digital rights management technology really "DRM-free" or are there still strings attached?

New services help consumers keep track of their gadgets

When Chua Si Zhen accidentally left behind her cell phone at a cafe, it wasn't the handset she was worried about losing. "It was the contacts, and the little info that I have in there, like my photos and everything," says the Singaporean.

Seeing Red, White, and Blu-ray

In a move that is great for videophiles but humbling to Sony (NYSE: SNE), the consumer electronics giant is once again lowering the price of its entry-level Blu-ray disc player. The BDP-S300, a more compact version of the original Blu-ray players that Sony was selling for roughly $1,000 last year, was introduced in February with a $599 price tag. Sony will now make it $100 cheaper.