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PC World editor quits over censorship of an Apple story

PC World magazine's multi-award-winning editor-in-chief Harry McCracken has quit, reportedly "because the company's new CEO, Colin Crawford, tried to kill a story about Apple and Steve Jobs," reports Wired News.

Gadgets offer blind users extra help

(CNN) -- Blind since childhood, Paul Schroeder is a huge fan of technology because it plays such a key role in his information-driven life.

Snowflakes promise faster chips

Chips could run faster and be more energy efficient thanks to a process from IBM that copies nature's creation of seashells and snowflakes.

EBay Seeks to Add StumbleUpon to Portfolio

EBay Inc. is in advanced talks to acquire StumbleUpon Inc., an Internet company that helps people discover Web pages that match their interests, according to people familiar with the matter.

Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo, says New York Post

It's a merger, or takeover, that has been considered numerous times over the past decade, and according to the New York Post, it's being discussed again.

Firefox gets eBay add-on

Managing your eBay bids and sales could be made easier by the introduction of a new add-on for the Firefox browser.

Internet censorship gathers steam

More than a decade ago -- as the Cold War ended and the technological revolution begun -- many predicted that globalization would usher in a new era of freedom of expression across the planet.

Yahoo mobile search hits UK

A search application for mobile phones has been launched in the UK today.

Yahoo oneSearch has been available since earlier this year in beta form but today sees a British version being rolled out here.

Web costs us 2.5 days a year

British surfers waste two-and-a-half days every year waiting for slow web pages to load, according to a report.

Mobile TV predicted to be a hit

TV could overtake gaming and music as the consumer's favoured application for mobile phones, according to research.