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4. Web Design and technical development

Sliced will begin this stage based on your research results.

Link arrow icon Dependent on budgets, 1-3 website site home pages will be designed as flat images for you to approve. These will be uploaded onto the internet so that you can view them through your web browser in a real world environment.

Link arrow icon Once a web design is chosen, any changes can be made in accordance with your project requirements. This page design will then be signed off and further developed with example sub pages as specified in the project stage. Once again this is budget reliant, and will be made as flat images. Logo designs, sample text and other client deliverables will be required to develop the site design fully.

Sliced design workflow for project management

During this web design process, our technical developer will be working closely with the designer to build the functionality into your website. Any new features or modules will be developed for our web content management system as required.

5. Design and technical implementation

Once design and technical goals have been concluded, your web site can be built. Any content supplied by the client must be received by this stage (for example text, images etc.) in order to populate the web site.

6. Testing and training

After your website is built and any content has been uploaded, Sliced will test both the front and backend systems on applicable browsers. During this stage any agreed training in our web content management system will be given and the website signed off on satisfactory completion.

7. Project completion

Following testing and training your website is now ready to launch!
Why not contact Sliced for more details about how we can help with your website development project management.
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